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Interactive map of all Nordic surveyors, please zoom in your area of interest
using either your mouse or the zoom/pan-tool on the left side of the map.
Click marker for a direct link to your preferred surveyor’s info-site.

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You can also search for surveyors by name or location by using the search function below the map. Simply click on “search” and type your searchword and your matches will appear.

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Martin Svensson Första Långgatan 28B, Göteborg, Sverige Master Mariner Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 59 - Issued 2016)
Michael Henriksson Klippan 3 414 51 Gothenburg, Sweden Marine engineer Marine Surveyor – since 2015 (Certificate No 58 issued 2015)
Sören Vester Raadhustorvet 7, 3520 Farum, Denmark Marine Engineer / Naval Architect Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 57 issued 2014)
Jonas Vedsmand Lövängsvägen 97, 187 30 TÄBY Master Mariner Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 56 issued 2014)
Jan Mökleby Markveien 2A, 1391 Vollen (Oslo), Norway Naval Architect Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 43 issued 2007)
Henrik Haustein GL Oksevej 12, DK-6200 Aabenraa Certified Cargo Surveyor (Certificate No 55 issued 2013)
Frode Löfaldli Fjordgata 11, NO-7010 Trondheim, Norway Cargo Surveyor (Certificate No 54 issued 2013)
Sören Lindved Automatikvej 1, 2860 Söborg, Copenhagen, Denmark Naval Architect/Master Mariner Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 52 issued 2012)
Pernilla Myrefelt Helsingborg, Höganäs LLM Certified Cargo Surveyor (Certificate No 51 issued 2012)
Svend Surland Gl. Kirkevej 126, DK-8530 Hjorthoej – Aarhus Master Mariner Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 48 issued 2010)
Per Ådell Östergatan 5, 931 62 Skellefteå Engineer Certified Cargo Surveyor, CCS (Certificate No 46 issued 2008)
Pieter Joosten Humlekil Björkhaget 1, 671 91 Arvika Master Mariner Certified Cargo Surveyor (Certificate No 42 issued 2005)
Arild Bachke Fjordgata 11, NO-7010 Trondheim Naval Architect/Marine engineer Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 26 issued 1999)
Jan Carlander PO Box 133, SE-234 23 Lomma (Malmö) B. Sc. Mech Engineer Certified Cargo Surveyor (Certificate No 35 issued 2003)
Lars Forsberg Bränningestrandsvägen 62, 151 39 Södertälje Captain/Bachelor of Law Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 36 issued 2003)
Allan Strand PO Box 2099, NO-6402 Molde Naval Architect/Marine Engineer Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 37 issued 2004)
Magnus Backman Indiska Oceanen 4, SE-418 34 Gothenburg Master Mariner Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 45 issued 2008)
Peter Degn Nymarks Alle 80, DK8320 Maarslet Master Mariner Certified Marine Surveyor (Certificate No 50 issued 2011)