After 1980, the number of independently working Marine/Cargo Surveyors and Consultants expands.

The purpose is to serve many concerns within the shipping industry including cargo owners and insurance companies.

An informal network of contacts grows among these professionals.

The goal is to exchange experience and information while advancing and improving their industry through the application of a common work ethic.



In 1995, The Swedish Independent Marine Surveyors´ Association (SIMSA) was formed.

The network becomes established with the purpose of creating a professional trade association forum for Marine/Cargo Surveyors and Consultants.

Membership requirements include specific qualifications of education and experience.

Members are obligated to adhere to strict ethical standards for services rendered.


In the fall of 1999, SIMSA was reorganized as a Scandinavian Association open to Marine/Cargo Surveyors and Consultants working in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and the Association was renamed The Scandinavian Independent Marine

Surveyors´ Association (SIMSA).

The increased resources now provide an expanding market with Scandinavian expertise and greater adherence to the goals and purpose of the Association.



At the 2016 AGM – held at Hotel Novotel, Gothenburg, Sweden 24 September 2016 – the second and final decision to amend Article 5 of the SIMSA Constitution was taken stating SIMSA to extend its Area of Membership from Scandinavia to include all Nordic countries i.e. in addition to surveyors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden qualified Marine/Cargo Surveyors and Marine Consultants with domicile in Finland and Iceland are from this date warmly welcome to apply for Membership of SIMSA.



It has also been decided by the Board of SIMSA that as from this date all communication between the Administrator/Administration Office and the Members will be English.



As from 1 January 2017 the Administrator since 2005, Captain R Ljunggren, resigned as Administrating Officer of SIMSA and was succeeded by Master Mariner Pieter Joosten with the following contact details:



Björkhaget 1, Humlekil

SE-671 91  ARVIKA (Sweden)

Telephone: +46 – (0)570 – 24 007

Mobile: +46(0)70 92 16 620

Administrator: Master Mariner  Pieter Joosten

Ass Administrator: Annuska Joosten

E-mail: surveyors@simsa.se


of Simsa