Membership of SIMSA means that the Consultant has a certified background in shipping industry concerns.

This includes navigation, cargo handling, engineering, organisation and management.


Members have a formal education of either nautical or technical training, as well as experience serving onboard ship or working with the shipbuilding and/or transport industries. The SIMSA member may also have complimentary education and experience in specialized areas of the field.


The SIMSA members work as independent surveyors and consultants as specified under each listed member.



Purpose of SIMSA

Create means of communication between professional Marine Surveyors and Consultants


Through the exchange of information and continuous education, maintain a high standard of expertise in current trade knowledge


Maintain set ethical rules among members as they serve the shipping industry with skill and competence


Publish and disseminate current membership lists as a service to the industry

Establish individual SIMSA members as highly competent professional to whom the industry can turn with confidence when problemsolving and independent investigations are needed


Recruit and educate new members of the trade

Act as a repository of information for the industry regarding current issues and concerns





Code of ethics


The membership with the Scandinavian Independent Marine Surveyors┬┤ Association (SIMSA) implies a commitment to follow the stipulated Code of Ethics according to the Article No. 4 of the Constitution of the Association


  • Not to expose, or to let expose, from the Principal or his Client received confidential information or use the same for personal gain or profit without the permission of the Principal.
  • Only undertake such assignments for which the Member is authorised and qualified and also to have this in consideration when subletting assignments.
  • To conduct in a worthy, impartial and honest way and to execute the assignments with that skill and attention which is characteristic for Members of SIMSA.
  • To report to the Principals such irregularities or circumstances, which have been noticed within the assignments and which can influence the interest of the Principals irrespective this is to his/her advantage or disadvantage.
  • That Survey Reports are delivered without unnecessary delays, issued and presented in a professional way containing only facts which cannot be ambiguous or create misunderstandings.
  • That at negotiations of assignment and its fee, these shall be based on ethic and skill which is characteristic for Members of SIMSA.
  • That Member refrains from accepting assignment in case his/her judgement is temporarily or permanently weakened.
  • That Member refrains from assignment which can be considered to create conflict of interest for the Principal, Employer or for the Member himself/herself.
  • Not to use the name, emblem or logo of SIMSA for other purposes than to indicate the membership.
  • That Member respects existing environment legislation and that he/she to the best of his/her ability safeguard common land, sea and air environment. Member is committed not to take active part in actions which can result in environment damages.
  • That Member respects different religions and trends of opinion among people he/she meets during his/her exercise of profession and that he/she respects other people irrespective race, sex or ethnic origin.






The above commitments is personal for the Member and are valid for his/her own assignments as well as for assignments for his/her Employer, or on behalf of other Survey Company or when subletting an assignment to other Surveyor/Company.


In case of deliberate negligence of the Code of Ethics which can result in discredit of the name and object of SIMSA or the reputation of the Members, SIMSA is entitled to either cancel or suspend the Member or to warn the Member.

Requirements for membership of SIMSA


A. Certified Marine Surveyor (CMS SIMSA)


1. The Applicant shall be active in a company or firm exclusively working in the field of

Marine Surveying or Consulting with domicile in any Nordic country i e Denmark (Greenland and Faroe Islands inclusive), Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


2. The Applicant cannot be employed by an insurance Company or a company/ organization/authority which normally is considered as a principal/opposite party which may create or contribute to conflict of interest.


3. The Applicant shall have earned nautical or technical education as Master Mariner, Marine Engineer, Naval Architect or equal education on minimum BSc level. The Applicant shall have satisfactory practical experience related to the shipping industry and transportation.

Membership is open to qualified Surveyors who are full time activated exclusively as Surveyor, either as an entrepreneur in Marine Surveying, or as an employee in a Marine Surveying Company or corresponding company (former employee in a Classification Society or National Marine/Naval Authority), and who can prove that she/he has been full time active in this very field during a period of at least five years and has educational background as per paragraph A.2. Additionally the Applicant shall agree with the constitution and the Code of Ethics of the Association. Furthermore, the Applicant must have a good reputation and be known as a person of good conduct, performing impartial towards her/his principals and clients.



B. Marine Surveyor (MS SIMSA)


The same requirement as for Certified Marine Surveyor, provided the Applicant has not yet fulfilled the requirement of five years as Surveyor in full time activity in accordance with paragraph A.3.


C.1 Cargo Surveyor (CS)


For membership as Cargo Surveyor applicant shall verify that she/he has been full time active in this very field during a period of at least three years.


C.2 Certified Cargo Surveyor (CCS)


Surveyor who has been full time active as Cargo Surveyor for a minimum of five years may be entitled membership as Certified Cargo Surveyor.


D. Supporting Member (SM SIMSA)


All categories of Applicants, individuals or organisations, having interest in Marine Surveying or Marine Consultancy and who encourage and approve of the aims of the Association, whatever their profession or qualification may be, are entitled to apply for membership as Supporting Member.









Apply for membership



Please make yourself aquainted with our Membership Requirements and Code of Ethics.


After that, download, print and fill out the application form which can be found here.


When finished please send it in it's original stand to the following postal address:



Bj├Ârkhaget 1, Humlekil

SE-671 91 Arvika